Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Minx in Mint

Oh boy, I'm sorry that this one turned out so blurry. There's a really funny story about taking this picture. My best friend Michelle was helping me, so we were on a nice little walk, and found this perfect nook. However as we started taking photos (I took pics of her in the clothing I'm selling on Etsy), we noticed this man had just stopped and was watching us a little ways away. Hoping he would move, we just kind of stood there and stared him down... but he didn't. So I started yelling at him- because when I get nervous I start to yell... like when a cougar approaches! But he still didn't budge, or say anything.

So finally after a few more moments, he walked away. But it wasn't long, before I saw his creepy little face poking over a nearby hillock, trying to catch a glimpse. We started getting a little freaked out by him, so Michelle took these photos a little hurriedly and we packed up and went straight for my car. We had to hike adjacent to the creeper's hill, and he was still there, watching us the entire way. Yep... trust my neighborhood to be full of perverts.

Anyways, that story aside, this outfit is one of my new favorites. The shirt, which is my favorite minty color, I actually thrifted from this amazing store called Plato's Closet. It's just a tiny hole in the wall shop, that specializes in selling only designer second hand clothing, and it's all a fraction of a price. This mint shirt was an awesome find for me.

I paired it with a skirt I bought for a whole fifteen dollars at Forever 21, and the rest is history.

So because I love you guys, I really urge you to not wait as long as Michelle and I did to leave, when the man was stalking us. In the words of Zooey Deschanel, "Stranger Danger is Real!"

Play it safe!

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