Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fall in Winter

My favorite time of a year is fall, but it goes by so quickly. So quickly that I hardly have time to wear all of my cute autumn clothes. Luckily though, in nature, winter tends to boast the same pretty colors, so I figured I ought to take advantage of them before spring takes over.

It's been really rainy in California the past couple of days, making it hard to wear much of anything cute. I'll be honest, I've been a baggy sweater and yoga pants girl every day in school, so breaking away from that norm is a nice change.

Dress/ Forever 21
Belt and Necklace/ Forever 21
Loafers/ Hand Me Downs

My cold weather staple has to be my black tights. They go with everything, instantly make an outfit look chic, and I've yet to find a pair of shoes that don't match them perfectly. 

And now I will introduce you to my Loafers. My Mom was going through her closet and had this awful pair and threw them in my room, and for who knows what reason, I salvaged them. Now... I'm shocked to say this myself, but they are my absolute favorite shoes. They're just really cute- ugly cute, but cute. And durable, which is something that I need in shoes, trecking through the rain and muck.

Sure, winter's gorgeous and has it's own designer colors for the season, but as long as nature matches, I'm perfectly happy to wear my muted autumn florals.

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