Monday, April 9, 2012

Bring a little Ocean Home

My little trip to the Ocean inspired me to seek out some DIY projects, that would allow me to bring some of the ocean into my own home, in a chic way.

I've never really been much of a fan of beach decor, so I wanted to find something that was beachy, but in a way that didn't slap you in the face when you looked at it. I wanted it to be nice and subtle.

These were very simple and very cute.

What You'll Need

or (any other sort of trinket you'd like to substitute)
Colored Wire

This DIY is pretty self explanatory. The colored wire can be found in any jewelry making store, or your local craft store. Just twist the top with the pliars into two circles. And on the bottom, do the same, around whatever crafty little thing you'd like to support your photo. There you go!

Probably the cheapest, easiest thing ever!

This last DIY is almost exactly the same as my TEA CUP CANDLE DIY.

Just purchase a few wicks and wax from Michaels, melt the wax in the microwave, spoon into the shells and insert the wicks. Let cool, and you've got pretty, delicate, lovely little Shell Candles. Perfect to commemorate a beach trip, without making your entire home scream 'BEACH DECOR!!!!'

Hope you enjoy your new pretty little trinkets!

I found these photos on, so if they belong to anyone, feel free to message me and I'll make sure to give ya'll the credit you deserve.


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    1. Thanks =] I had a whole bunch of shells left over from Hawaii, it was the perfect way to show case the excess.