Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY- Pool Ball Candles

Let me first start by saying... I am really bad at pool. I suck at it. When I'm playing, I think I'm all good- this pool playing pro- but at the end of the day I'm the worst pool player in the world. So fun, but not my sport. However, I love the feeling of playing pool, because it's such an awesome old school game. I can just imagine folks in these dark Chicago bars in their suits, playing with a cigarette hanging out of their mouths, with this bluesy singer on stage.

I just love the idea, and even more I love the look. Today, I'm going to teach you how to make Pool Balls into nifty candles!

This DIY project is a tricky one, because you've got to be good with the power tools to do it, otherwise.... you should probably lay off. You can also purchase them online if you love them, but are unable to make them yourself.

What You'll Need

1 electric drill
1 forstner bit, 3 inches
A full set of pool balls
The thingy that goes around the pool balls
Tea Lights
Sand Paper

This craft doesn't have many components, it's just the drill that's tricky to use. So start by using the manufacturer's directions, and attaching the forstner bit to the electric drill. Then use the drill to make a 3 inch diameter hole into the center of one of the balls. Be sure that the holes are relatively shallow, because you don't want the balls to split or splinter.

Repeat this on all of the balls, and then make sure to sand down the insides so they look a bit more finished. in the photo above, the rims are painted in a thin gold line, to give them that more polished look.

Carefully fit your tea lights into the balls, and align them in the triangle aligning thingy (I apologize that I don't know pool terminology at all). They make a beautiful center piece, but be sure that no children make the mistake of taking them out and rolling them around when they are lit. For extra child protection, it might even be a wise idea to take a board and glue it on the underside of the project, gluing the balls to it as well, so that it is more child friendly.

And there is a pretty, vintage center piece just for you!

P.S. I know this is supposed to be an earth themed post.... but I got so excited I had to share in advance! Sorry!!!


  1. hi lauren! thanks so much for your sweet comments over at my blog :) i've been adoring each and every one of your posts! this one in particular is fun to see because i was just recently a cocktail waitress in a huge pool & sports bar. and after all my time working there, i only played once. once was enough embarrassment :)

    1. Girl, pool is one tough game! That's for sure!

  2. I love playing pool. It would break my heart to cut up the balls... :)

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    2. Sure thing Satu. I really enjoy your blog. :) They have some good html sites that explain how to do 'grab a button's, if you search them on google.

  4. this is SOO cool. i used to work at a pool hall and i'm kind of obsessed with playing so this would be perfect... thank you for this amazingness :)

  5. This is so cool! I want it for my home! genius!

  6. 3 inches somethings wrong here