Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't Worry

Don't worry, about a thing.
'Cause every little thing,
is gonna be alright!

The past couple of weeks have been so hard on me. I've been out of work for a good eight months, because I left my job right when Christmas hiring finished, so I've been so stressed for money and worrying about financing college that it's been driving me crazy.

A couple weeks ago, I was hired on at In Shape. Called in, filled out the paper work, had my passport scanned and everything. All that was left was my background check, and the front desk manager told me that I would be in to work in less then a week. Unfortunately though, it's been two weeks since the supposed start date, and not a single phone call.

I was really anxious about it, until I ran across this photo.

Weird right?

Well, it just reminded me how even when things seem really bad, there's always a silver lining. For instance, two years ago- in a mood, I decided to cut off my long hair into a faux hawk without thinking about the consequences. For the longest time I had to go through horrible phases of hair awkwardness, and felt unattractive, and sad without my comforting long blankets of hair falling over my shoulders.

However, it wasn't until I accepted that sometimes things go wrong, and complaining and feeling bad about it wasn't going to fix anything- that I began to regain my self confidence and started to rock that short hair like I owned the world. Then, because I found contentment in myself, others began to approach me constantly, asking if I was a hair stylist and where I got my hair done. It was great!

So this just reminded me... You know what, even when things seem hopeless, and you feel anxious, or worried- God has blessed you!

You don't have to worry about anything!

So what if In Shape didn't work out? There are so many other opportunities and I refuse to waste them!


  1. Yes, I agree. Sometimes we just see things from a limited perspective; we don't see the bigger picture. Often what we interpret as misfortunes lead us to unexpected turns of fate

  2. cute picture!
    thanks for coming by !
    hope u had a great weekend

  3. You have the best attitude. Have a great Monday!

  4. This was really an inspiration for me. Thank you for those encouraging words.
    I've been out of job for few months now - and I know, it does affect you, big time. Even though I have studies there's sometting missing in my life, because I LOVE to work with people - and not just spend my time indoors trying to study some stuff I don't feel like have real purpose in my future career. Good thing weather is turning more summer like day by day, maybe I can study outside :)

    You seem such a lovely person, I'm glad to have found you! Heh, it's so nice that we share the taste in movies. ♥


    Indie by Heart

    1. Yes it's so true. Without a job, you just feel so unproductive- like you aren't contributing to the rest of the population and then you become depressed. I'm sure you'll get one soon. I'll be praying for you to get the perfect job.

      And yes, studying outside is so much nicer. I take all of my reading to the park, or in the back yard in the mornings. It makes it seem more like relaxation, then work.

      And thank you Satu. I really appreciate the support.


  5. ps. I don't have own buttons but I'm grabbing yours to my site ! ^^