Monday, April 16, 2012

Fire Bowl- DIY

Fire is one of the four main elements. It is beautiful, uncontrollable, and symbolizes energy and passion. It can liven up any space, because it works so boldly with neutrals.

Fire bowls are great decorations for your out door tables as you begin to throw garden parties with the approach of summer. They are so cheap, so easy, and so much more exciting than candles. This is a great alternative to candles, or even a fire place, depending on the width and depth of your bowl!

What You'll Need

Flame Resistant Bowl (Ceramic bowls work well)
River Rocks
1 liter of Fire Gel Fuel

Set up your bowl in an area where there is no danger of fire damage. Clear up anything flammable ahead of time.

Fill the bowl with river rocks- but make sure they are only the kind you get at your local store. River rocks straight out of the river bed tend to have pockets of air and moisture, that will make the rocks crack when heated.

Pour the liter of fire gel over the rocks evenly. About a liter of the gel will burn for a good four hours, so the more liberally you apply it, the longer it will burn.

Light your fire, by tossing a match onto the rocks. This prevents the chance of burns.

If for any reason you want to put your fire bowls out, then just be sure to cover the bowl entirely with another bowl or plate.


  1. This is such a cool DIY! I will definitely bookmark make this idea for when we move into a place with a little more outdoor space.


  2. uh this is AWESOME. i wish i had a backyard to do this in, maybe i just light one up in my tiny studio? #disaster.

    haha either way though, this would be so perfect for summer nights, awesome idea :)

    1. Haha, yeah might set off the fire alarm. ;p

  3. This looks so cool! I will definitely have to try and make one of these. ^-^ Excellent post, thanks for sharing it!