Monday, April 9, 2012

Looks of the Moment

When I think summer, I think of chic, feminine pieces. I think of summer romances and billowing fabrics, and long loose hair. It's a time when you can take pieces from your high strung winter collection and pair them with less fitted, relaxed blouses. Summer is supposed to be all about easy outfits that are comfortable, and cute.

I think that summer beauty, is effortless beauty.

It isn't loads of make up. It's natural, comfortable, and pretty.

That's why I'm just in love with Ruche's latest collection.

The entire collection is effortless. It is easy to slip into, but put together and just plain feminine and pretty.

There is nothing that I love more than being able to throw my hair up in a loose bun, slip into a cute little summer dress and some sandals and go. The collection is modest in all of the right ways, but shows enough skin that it's modern. A lot of summer clothing tends to be a bit hoochy, but Ruche gives girls who want to look subtly sexy a selection to go crazy for.

Whether you're out for a picnic, a bike ride, or just on a day off work, you'll find vintage inspired pieces that are charming and comfortable.

A few of my favorites are:



Bottoms and Rompers

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