Monday, April 9, 2012

My Latest Obsession

As the weather's been warming up, I've been becoming more and more fixated on getting a bike. California winters tend to be pretty mild, and more than once we had some good ole ninety degree days this year, and it's only April!

About two years ago I used to be a recreational bike rider. My last boyfriend was all about fitness, and I was going through a clingy period, so our compromise became bike riding around the water reserve lake near his house. At first I hated it, but then it quickly began to grow on me. I'm not a fitness person, so the hard work wasn't fun for me, but biking the hills in the spring time with the flowers blooming was great.

Plus with transferring to a four year sneaking up in the near future, the idea of trucking my junkie scraper all the way to wherever I end up, isn't exactly a smart expenditure. Besides, I think every four year college kid needs a nice little bike to get around campus and the surrounding town. If I do end up going to UC Santa Cruz, the idea of actually driving everywhere is sort of a nightmare. A nice little bike sounds like the perfect fix, and a great way to get healthy.

Not to mention, there's something pretty romantic about a pretty pink bike with a little basket and bell.

It's every little girl's dream!

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