Monday, April 9, 2012

An Oceanic Birthday

This has been a great year for trips so far!

For my Mom's birthday, my Daddy decided to take us to Monterey for the weekend. The weather was pretty beautiful for this time of year. I even got a chance to lay out on the beach for a while, reread the Hunger Games, and work on the beginnings of my spring tan. This is the hotel we stayed at. It had the most beautiful lobby with wide open windows and a huge fireplace that overlooked the beach.

Here's the Birthday girl!

I think she was really relaxed watching the sun setting from her comfy chair.

It's always great to get away from it all on birthdays and take the time to really appreciate everything that the person has brought to your life.

Even though my Mamma and I used to butt heads a lot back in my high school days, I am still so appreciative of everything that she's done for me, and for our newly mended relationship.

I have some truly precious memories of her volunteering in my classrooms in elementary school, leading crafts for play group, taking me to Pioneer Girls, and being at every single one of my performances, no matter how silly they were.

We ate very well, at The Fish Hopper! The restaurant stretched right over the ocean, so you were eating over the waves. The lights from the city were gorgeous over the water, and Mom and Dad had some delicious fishy foods, and I enjoyed the only vegetarian thing on the menu- fettuccine alfredo. I was a little confused that they didn't have any salads or any other vegetarian options, but lucky for me, I'm a pasta girl.

The rest of our trip, we were a little too preoccupied to take many pictures. But we went up the coast a bit to Carmel and did a long scenic drive, where we saw the famous 'Lone Tree'. It's the only tree growing from an outcropping of rock. People used to be able to hike to it, but now it's off limits and is just a pretty tourist attraction.

The rest of the time we enjoyed shopping, looking at jewelry stores, and Thomas Kinkade's art gallery. At one jewelry store, the shop owner made me a magic wand! She bent some thick wire into a star shaped wand, and every time I make a swishing movement it tinkles. So cute! Then we relaxed on the beach a bit more, and went home.

It was a lovely weekend, to wish a happy birthday, to my lovely mother.

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