Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Super Spring Steals

Seven things for one hundred dollars- what a score.

Since I'm on a tight budget, I'm a sucker about finding cute things for great deals. Because of that I've learned to shop systematically. One great thing I've learned how to do, is to subscribe via sms to the stores that I love. I used to work at Aerie by American Eagle, and both stores are really over priced initially but have amazing sales if you're in the loop. Now every time a new sale is introduced, I get a text telling me just what it is.

I also look for deals at cheap trendy stores, like everyone's favorite Forever 21. There's always the debate that their clothing is cheaply made, but I've never had any holes ripped in my dresses, or had anything fall apart on me, and I'm pretty mean to my clothes. So I've always found the clothing worth the deal.

For twenty dollars I got the two pretty dresses. The jean dress has this adorable cut out on the back, and so does the pink one with velvet feathers. The two tops I got on super sale at Aerie for seventy percent off, and the jewelry and nail polish were both under ten bucks.

So hooray. Make sure you're on the prowl for great savings, and you'll find great stuff.


  1. You're absolutely right! Why pay more when you can pay less!
    Love your blog!