Monday, April 9, 2012

Well Lovelies, I've got a Job Today!

That's right!

Thankfully, God's answered my prayer of the last eight months, for a good job! That's me right after my interview, wearing my nifty little Lauren Conrad business suit. Even Dolly's dressed for the occasion in her tuxedo collar.

So as of now, you're looking at the newest receptionist for the Antioch In-shape Health Club!

It's kind of a blessing, because not only is it an early morning job, but it's at another place where people are constantly working to better themselves and do some good. That's what's important to me.

At my previous job as a waitress for Eskaton Lodge (a retirement/assisted living home), I felt like I was doing some good, because I was making sure all of the residents were taken care of nutritionally. I made sure they got their special diets, and it made me feel great knowing, that because of that... I might have given them a bit of longevity that a less healthy diet, wouldn't have provided.

Now I get to work somewhere, where people work towards fitness goals to keep themselves in shape, and extend their life and self confidence. Can't think of anything better!

And of course the nice free gym membership doesn't exactly hurt either!

I know the lighting isn't exactly the best, but this was my interview outfit.

Young, casual because of the blue jeans, but a little more professional because of the fancy blazer and high waist line, and heels.

I wanted to show case my personality and my sense of style, without being too over dressed for a retail interview!

I guess it worked!

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