Thursday, December 6, 2012

Deer Little Mysteries Returns

I Am So Happy To Be Home

Well Hello my Petite Cheri's!
It has certainly been much too long, and for that alone I apologize!
I do hope that you aren't too angry with my absence, that you still remember me, and that we may all still be wonderful friends!
If we haven't met yet, my name is Lauren Desiree, and I am an enthusiast of all things, vintage, velvet, sweet, and folky.
Deer Little Mysteries is a cozy little nest for all of my adventures, finds, and just a place where I can remember the joys of my day to day with you, my dear sweet friends.

Fresh, Fantastic Adventures

So I suppose the big question is, wherever have I been?
Ahh, 2012 has certainly been one of the biggest years for me. I feel terrible that I started this blog out, met all of you, and then disappeared so suddenly!
The girl you all met at the start of the year, was unfortunately very lost, and needed time to fight some battles before she felt strong enough to continue on supporting this blog, and all of you.
Luckily though, a trip to New York for my birthday in May, and a fresh strong pull on my heart strings from God, expanded my world and refocused my direction.
So where have I been?
Since getting my life back on track and putting God where He's supposed to be, at the center of my world, my life has been nothing but a giant adventure. Summer saw many trips, from the American River, to trips to the San Fran beach in the dead of night, to bonfires nearly every night, to Bluegrass festivals in Golden Gate Park, and quad running on the Oregon sand dunes. 
I have made friends with many new wonderful people, I mentor kids, and I recently left my job at my favorite kitschy import store World Market, and now I waitress so I can put away money for two trips that I am hoping are in my near future! Our ministry's Jamaica Mission Trip 2013, and a trip to Israel and Jordan in the winter of 2013.

What Does All of This Mean For Deer Little Mysteries?

It simply means this:
I'm back again with a passion, and a hundred stories to tell to you absolutely lovely folks who have been here for me through everything, and to all of the great new friends that are to be made.
Things will most likely be a bit different for a while, because I no longer have a working professional camera, so while I start saving for one, I'm going to just be putting up past pictures, and current photos from my phone and back up camera. 
I have a feeling that outfit posts will be a bit sparing at first, and this will become more of a personal blog for a time, until I reobtain the resources I need to create great DIY and Outfit posts with the quality that you deserve.
But contests will be running soon, I will most likely be selling again soon from my vintage shop, and I am always so excited to hear from you and become reaquainted!

So Please Don't Be Shy!

Say hello!

I have certainly missed you!

Lauren Desiree