Thursday, December 6, 2012

Feature: Wreath Making - Amy Merrick

'Tis the Season

If you're anything like me, you love to decorate for Christmas.

I'm personally crazy about any opportunity that I have to decorate anything. You better believe that it didn't matter if I had studying to do, when my family decided it was the day to do our decorating, I popped a log in the grate, turned on Home Alone and got to work.

However my decorating style is much different than my parents.

I love to work with natural fibers. I will have a real tree when I've got my own house, and I'm already starting an ornament collection of whittled wooden animals and gnomes.

That's probably why I am so entranced by Amy Merrick's beautiful and natural wreaths.

Natural Beauty

Amy uses only natural branches to make real, living wreaths. She uses a base of grape vine and wraps everything together in a delicate way. Her wreaths don't overwhelm a space, their simplicity just adds to and highlights your current decor, while still paying homage to the Christmas spirit.

Another great thing about them, is that you can use them long into spring, because they add that simple lifelike green element to a room.
It's pretty cold and grey outside today and will probably rain, so I know that I'm going to use Amy's wreaths as inspiration to make my own and have a nice excuse to stay warm and busy inside. Luckily the pine tree in my backyard won't miss a few sprigs. 
Amy Merrick is a stylist and florist in New York city, so if you're in the Brooklyn area, she's putting on a wreath making class/seminar! Check it out!

She truly is a talented lady!

Lauren Desiree


  1. man oh man does that look pretty. I like how the branches are longer than the usual wreathes you see around, giving it this rustic type of feel to it. i might go stomping through the woods this weekend to get a few branches ;)

  2. You're luck that you've got woods around. =] I've got to travel a bit to get to them around me.
    Your wreaths would be so beautiful then!

  3. So cool! I gotta try this one day!


  4. A couple girls in my ministry did this, and they turned out so pretty!